Digital Transformation at the Local Tier of Government

Project news

Early May, the DIGILOG project team met in Winterthur for an update on the current state of the project. This included a discusssion of the results of the first wave of the survey, the first set of case studies and the ongoing implementation of the web crawler.

Five members of the DIGILOG team presented several papers with findings of the project at the IRSPM research conference in Tampere, Finland from April 16 to April 1.

What is DIGILOG?

DIGILOG (Digital Transformation at the Local Tier of Government) is an international, interdisciplinary research project on the state of digital transformation at the local tier of government in Europe. Renowned scientists from ZHAW, the University of Potsdam, and Vienna University of Economics and Business are collaborating to systematically record the digital transformation process in local governments and analyze its effects.

Which research methods are applied? 

The collected data will be triangulated by applying three different methods to achieve the highest possible significance of results.